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Server & Desktop Virtualization Will Optimize Your Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, or Miami Area Business

LAN Infotech provides you with the virtualization resources to do more with less!

Virtual servers allow you to get back the precious office space that is currently taken up by physical servers.

Our team will help you understand the advantages of both in-house virtual servers and cloud-based virtualization.

And we’ll get you the best virtualization solution for your business processes!

Why are we sold on virtualization? Because…

Virtualization gives you HUGE business optimization advantages.

You can get more done by using the mobility benefits of cloud-based virtualization.

You can save money on upfront costs, IT maintenance, and energy by using fewer physical server appliances.

You can simplify disaster recovery – by keeping your entire network in one place.

The benefits are many – and they are significant.

…But what about your computers?

We’ve got computers covered too!

Today’s virtualization technology is so advanced that you can run everything – your operating system, applications, and data in a virtual environment.

What’s that mean for you?

It means freedom from your office desk.

It means you can have everything that’s on your current computers – and use it anywhere.

Not just the data – everything!  Even your settings!

If you drop and shatter your laptop, don’t sweat it.

Use everything from another device.

Isn’t virtualization awesome?!!

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