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Businesses in South Florida rely on mobile computing now then ever before.  Gone are the days when you went to work, turned on your computer for eight hours, turned it off and went home.  Employees and business owners now work offline and use mobile devices when at home, commuting and traveling.  They rely on mobile solutions like iPads, iPhones and Microsoft Surface Tablets to stay productive and connected to colleagues and clients.

But in today’s world of cyber threats and crime, you need the assurance that your mobile devices and data are secure. Gone are the days when you could walk out of your office and use your mobile devices without worry.  Smartphones and tablets get lost, and compromised on a daily basis.  If this happens to you, your business could be held liable for data breaches, hit with expensive regulatory fines, and lose its good reputation.

With mobile device management and security solutions from LAN Infotech, you and your employees can safely exchange emails, collaborate on documents, use line-of-business applications, and even access company telephone services.

LAN Infotech ensures your tablets and smartphones are set up correctly and your business information is properly safeguarded. If a mobile device is lost, you can rest easy knowing that it can be remotely locked or wiped if needed, and that your data will be secure.

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