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There is much uncertainty right now for healthcare professionals regarding their computer networks and the data being stored on them. For medical facilities, a big one concerns compliance laws like HIPAA. Another one concerns having enough data storage, and whether they need to subscribe to Microsoft cloud services or not. With a company like LAN Infotech to guide you through the fog of IT uncertainty, you’ll get the best Microsoft cloud solutions for medical facilities, nationwide.

Other questions on the minds of medical professionals and healthcare facilities are:

  • Can you really guarantee 99.9% uptime?
  • Can we get the most cost-effective cloud storage possible?
  • Will security, privacy, and data management concerns all be addressed satisfactorily?
  • Do I need Office 365 professional or small business premium?

Well, rest assured, LAN Infotech has all the answers to your questions regarding Microsoft cloud services for healthcare professionals.

Do I Need Private Cloud Hosting or Office 365?

It’s a worthwhile question to ask–especially considering the uncertainty involving cloud computing.

Microsoft Office 365 is essentially a group of traditional Microsoft desktop Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Publisher, and so forth) with their hosted Exchange (email service) and OneDrive (cloud file storage service). Nothing more, nothing less.

A private cloud solution hosts your entire network, as opposed to just one user.

Should I Have Office 365?

If your medical facility requires just Microsoft Office, email, and a place to store documents, Office 365 may be adequate (questions such as what countries your data will be stored in and subsequent data sovereignty issues notwithstanding.)

But, we rarely see a healthcare facility that only needs file storage and email – you’re likely going to need much more in the way of data file storage and security in the cloud.

What is a Private Cloud?

A private cloud solution like Microsoft Azure is a complete platform that will host your entire medical office network–not just your documents and email. A private Microsoft cloud solution for medical offices is typically a complete virtual server that will host your:

  • Medical office management software
  • Billing/accounting software, and
  • Your documents and email.

A Microsoft cloud hosting service is usually delivered as a virtual desktop experience–a working environment each user can access from anywhere, on any device.

As its name suggests, having a private cloud means your facility’s workspace and data is segregated from other clients hosted by the cloud provider—which ensures that security and compliance guidelines and regulations are met.

Why Kind of IT Support Will I Need?

Some private cloud services include support and endpoint security (antivirus) for your local computers, along with unlimited IT support for your local network, including computers, printers, scanners, network devices, and generally the day-to-day IT support we all need.

Most doctor’s offices and healthcare organizations won’t need more than that, but if/when you do, we’ll establish your new service needs in a scalable, economical way.

So, worry not – LAN Infotech is a Microsoft Partner and can take care of all your Microsoft cloud services hosting and remote IT support together.

Hosting Your Medical Office Applications

Another key difference is the private cloud’s ability to host your medical software applications such as:

  • Siebel Clinical/ASCEND
  • Oracle Clinical
  • LabPas
  • Remote Data Capture (RDC)
  • Argus Safety
  • Thesaurus Management System (TMS)
  • Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS)
  • Simple Forms
  • Life Sciences Data Hub (LSH)
  • Clinical Development Analytics (CDA)
  • JReview, and other related systems.

Private cloud solutions will often include the licensing and hosting of SQL server–the database engine used and required by many modern medical software applications.

Email Backup, Disaster Recovery, and More

Virtually all enterprises today have a messaging infrastructure to connect workers and enable business processes. For medical practitioners, staff may require access to email for diagnostic, correspondence, or other purposes.

These staff members may choose to keep their emails indefinitely, but some organizations may mandate that emails more than 90 days old be deleted.

As part of cloud services, an email archive can be instrumental in an organization’s effort to stay in business and recover key data blocks or files when disaster strikes.

An offsite, online archive means that secondary facilities can spin up messaging servers and quickly get access to the last mails sent/received as well as all historical messaging data.

Offsite email archives can be stored in public/private cloud environments, though it should be noted that while email archiving products do capture and copy all messages, they are not mirrored copies of the messaging server itself, and therefore cannot help re-create user accounts/groups in the event of a disaster.

Why Should I Consider Moving to the Cloud?

As a busy medical professional, the last thing you need on your plate is a data breach or cyberattack.

You also don’t need to see an alert that your data files, hard drives, or external drives are full to capacity and there’s nowhere to put a patient file.

That’s where LAN Infotech & Microsoft Office 365 come in – providing all the advanced security and storage for your medical offices.

Consider this:

  • According to a survey from Microsoft, 75 percent of businesses that use the cloud have experienced improved service availability since moving to the cloud.
  • Our cloud services are designed with security and privacy in mind while maintaining compliance with enterprise-level industry standards.
  • Office 365 ensures reliability and availability with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantee of 99.9% uptime.

We Have the Microsoft Healthcare Cloud Services You Need

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