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Will Your Firm Survive a Major Disaster Or Be Crippled by Downtime?

When you’re cut off from your resources, time stands still. Your caseload falls apart, your clients are left in the dark, and data and files can be compromised. Then, you go from practicing law to potentially facing charges… but all of that can be easily avoided.


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Get the Proactive Protection You Need to Keep Your Practice Thriving

Comprehensive and Proactive Protection

Your clients depend on you to keep their data secure, and to provide their cases with the most care and attention possible; when you lose access to important files or data, you’re unable to do your job. You may also be violating compliance standards for the legal industry. LAN Infotech provides data protection and business continuity solutions to ensure you’re never crippled by downtime.

Unfortunately, not all disasters are avoidable. Common threats and issues include:

  • Hardware malfunctions / technology issues
  • Natural disasters and power outages
  • Cyber attacks and data hacks
  • Human error

While those instances can’t always be avoided, they can be accounted for and properly dealt with. Get in touch with
LAN Infotech to discuss the best and most effective ways to safeguard your practice against downtime that cripples workflow. Contact us at or 954-717-1990.

Peace of Mind

  • Give your clients and workforce the peace of mind you need to truly thrive and focus on your tasks. With comprehensive data protection solutions, we ensure your sensitive data is never compromised.
  • Our strategic planning and business continuity solutions ensure that even when a disaster hits, you’re able to continue working and serving clients.

Don’t compromise your billable hours and livelihood – get the proactive protection you need to keep your practice thriving. Reach out to LANInfotech at or 954-717-1990 to talk about solutions for your business.