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Is Microsoft ready to trash Windows 8?

Microsoft’s Windows 8 hasn’t received much love, from either users or the tech press. It’s no surprise, then, that rumors are swirling that Microsoft is ready to kill Windows 8 and start from scratch with its next version of the operating system. Woody Leonhard, a writer for the website of InfoWorld, recently had a look […]

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How tech can make workers happier

New technology has made workplaces more efficient. It’s easy, for example, for workers to use video conferencing technology to hold meetings with their fellow workers across the globe. But new tech may also leave employees feeling isolated. All things considered, new communication technology has eliminated much of the face-to-face aspect of the business world. But […]

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Want simple tech? You’re in luck

Technology makes life easier. That’s undeniable. Yet it can also add to the stress we face every day. Thankfully, technology will become a little more consumer friendly in 2014. At least that is what the Christian Science Monitor newspaper projected in a recent story. Overwhelmed by data? The Christian Science Monitor story pointed to some […]

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