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Your data is the backbone of your business. Are you protecting it as you should?

If you lost your vital business data, would you be able to:

  • Run your business as usual?
  • Complete customer orders or client deliverables?
  • Contact leads and make new sales?

The answer to these questions is probably “No.”

Now ask yourself, how long would your business survive if you lost your data?

The answer for most business owners and managers is less than six months!

You must properly protect your data. To do so, you must have more than an in-house backup. Unless you have a complete backup file of your IT infrastructure stored in redundant offsite data centers, your vital data and your business are at risk.

  • Manmade threats like malware and Cryptolocker-type viruses can rob you of your data.
  • Natural disasters like hurricanes, tropical storms and floods are a real possibility in South Florida and can destroy your data.
  • Plus a simple server crash could compromise your data, taking days to restore and replace it.

You can’t predict when a disaster will strike, but with LAN Infotech’s Backup and Recovery Solution in place, you can get back to business fast, no matter what comes your way.

We provide a complete backup file of your IT infrastructure in our redundant offsite data centers. This protects your information in the event of an emergency and:

  • Safeguards your entire IT system including data and email.
  • Provides state-of-the art protection against viruses and malware.
  • Eliminates the fear of losing your data.
  • Guarantees your backups are continual and automatic throughout each day.
  • Ensures your critical client data is stored safely and securely.
  • Assures you can always access your information easily from our dedicated servers.
  • Gets you up and running quickly after a disaster strikes.

Plus we offer all of this for an affordable monthly fee, with no major hardware, software, or capital expense required.

Important: Your LAN Infotech Backup and Recovery Solution must be implemented prior to a disaster.